10 November 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

HP Indigo brings silver to its commercial presses

HP Indigo is enabling customers to join the trend for value added printing with extra colours of silver and opaque whites, to immediate demand from the UK.

HP Indigo has released its silver Electroink for the Indigo 7900 commercial press. The special colour was developed and has been available to users of the company’s label presses and was part of the stand at the recent Labelexpo. Now, due to interest in value added enhancements in commercial printing, the silver has been made available for the Indigo 7900.

UK users have been quick to take advantage, Pureprint upgraded two of its Indigo Indigo 7800s for example. CEO Mark Handford says: “We finalised our upgrade with HP last Tuesday and by Thursday had the new presses installed and in full operation, enabling us to continue meeting our high levels of service to our valued customer base at this busy time.

“The new presses allow us to offer even more innovation in digital print with the addition of the silver ink to create a wide range of metallic colours and the highest quality colour output to match our state of the art litho operation.”

The factory in Uckfield is the first in the UK to operate with two of the presses able to run silver. UK & Ireland country manager Peter Jolly adds: "Pureprint has been pioneers in the world of digital print. Innovation is in their bloodstream and they have always been keen to stay ahead of the game. Their recent investment makes them the first customer in the UK with our new Silver Electroink specified on two HP Indigo 7900 presses.” HP has frequently enhanced the press below its flagship machine to deliver sales advantages and extend the practical life of the product.

But it is far from the only company using the silver ink. FE Burman was UK beta site for the silver ink on the 7900 (Amberley Labels had that privilege for the label press). And fellow London printer Rapidity has also committed to the new colour and will be using the HP Premium White electroink. It has a much improved opacity compared to HP Indigio White, says Rapidity.

Like the silver, the new white ink was developed originally for use in the label sector, being made available to catch the tide of interest in value add print in the commercial print space.

Silver has, for example, become a talking point thanks to the launch of the six-colour Xerox Iridesse, which is able to print both silvers and whites. The Ricoh Pro C7200 cannot print a silver but its fifth colour station can be used for white, clear and neon toners.

By Gareth Ward

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Pureprint has updated its two Indigo 7800s to take advantage of the silver Electroink available to the Indigo 7900. The company will be the first with two presses to the specification in the UK and enables further integration between digital and litho says CEO Mark Handford.

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