10 November 2019 Business

IPIA opens doors to welcome all printers

The trade printers organisation is bradening its scope with a new class of membership for non-trade print businesses.

The IPIA is introducing a low cost class of membership to entice printers to join the organisation and access standard and additional services.

The Independent Printing Industries Association was originally started to represent the interests of trade printers, print management businesses and transactional printers, many of whom are loyal members. It has been attracting associate members from the supplier community and is now casting its net further still. This is for printers which do not offer trade services.

The Lite membership is £25 + VAT a month, opening the way to legal advice, credit checking and debt recovery. These companies can also access training and receive a discount on IPIA events.

Prime among these is the Everything is Possible in Communications, which brings together designers, brands and printers to fly the flag for the print industry.

Brendan Perring, who has joined as general manager this year, says: “Allowing non-trade companies to join us opens the core of our benefits up to so many more businesses. It will also give businesses that have never been part of an association the ability to engage and understand the immense value being part of such a network can bring.

“The industry has changed dramatically over the last few years; challenges faced by businesses 20 years ago are simply not the same anymore and it is our job as a trade association to respect and keep up with those changes. That means the support we offer must evolve as well.”

The organisation has been reinvigorated following the appointment of Marian Stefani as CEO four years ago, shaking up what had become a somewhat staid association. The conference, training, certification and networking events have blossomed since. The IPIA’s certified audit is not part of the scope of the new membership category.

By Gareth Ward

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IPIA conferences

IPIA conferences

The IPIA is introducing a new class of low cost membership in order to increase its appeal to commercial printers alongside specialist trade printers. Access to IPIA networking and educational events could prove a strong draw.

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