30 October 2019 Events

Fogra: Everything about colour

Painting Munich in every possible extended gamut colour.

Fogra is bringing 200 colour experts together in Munich in February to discuss the latest issues in colour management and how to deal with them under the slogan: Matching colour – matching people.

The presentations will be led by those enjoying, or suffering, from the challenges of matching brand expectations and the reality. It will take in CMYK and extended gamut printing, the impact of high speed inkjet beyond commercial and packaging printing, colour communication for textile printing and proofing. Everything in short for those needing to get to grips with nutty colour questions.

The symposium is preceded by an ICC meeting and followed by a meeting of the Digital Print Working Group, amounting to a week of colour says Fogra.

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Fogra Colour Symposium

12 & 13 February

Munich, Germany

Two days of understanding how colour is used and measured.