26 October 2019 Print Companies

Saxoprint opens members only access to its best prices

Online German print giant Saxoprint is inviting resellers to sign up for its pro version and access the keenest pricing it can deliver.

Saxoprint has launched a web portal, offering keener pricing and a broader product range than available through the B2C website for registered bona fide resellers and printers.

The new site, uk.saxoprint.pro, requires resellers to register and be checked before gaining access to the prices that the German company can offer across brochures, flyers, folders, tickets and stationery. Each registrant will be assigned a specific account contact with direct line and email for communication.

“The pricing on the pro site is the best prices we can offer,” says Philip Foster. “We have started by inviting the trade and resellers to sign up. Only they will be able to see these prices.

“We have found that printers have had to compete with the prices that their customers can find online, so there is no margin for them. This returns a margin to the printers by offering prices that are just for resellers. They can be up to 25% below the price published on the website.”

The keen pricing will be restricted to the core products that form the majority of bread and butter work where prices are most competitive and where the online printer can gang up jobs to be its most efficient. Its eight-unit Heidelberg Speedmaster XL162 is arguably the most productive sheetfed press in the world.

The members can access a service and support operation in London that is able to answer 98% of queries immediately. They will also be able to order the rush service, 24- or 48-hour delivery.

Currently Saxoprint reckons that 80% of its throughput comes from standard commercial print products. This is evolving as packaging comes to the fore with customised and food-safe packaging as a major growth market according to Saxoprint managing director Daniel Ackermann. “We have developed the Saxoprint Easy Box, an innovative packaging solution which allows a wide variety of packaging types to be designed online and ordered in quantities of one or more.”

And the company is pushing into more sophisticated print products, spot UV varnish enhancement for example, to add to gloss, matt and soft touch lamination.

By Gareth Ward

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Speedmaster XL162 perfector

Speedmaster XL162 perfector

Saxoprint is inviting resellers to access keener pricing on standard print products where competition is fiercest to help printers achieve some margin on these products without customers forcing them to match a visible online price.

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