30 June 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

Xerox strengthens hand in cut sheet inkjet

Xerox has announced Baltoro, which it hopes will prove a better selling sheetfed inkjet press than the Brenva it is replacing.

Xerox has announced that it is open for orders on a new sheetfed inkjet press able to print high quality commercial work as well as transactional and direct mail documents.

The Baltoro will replace the Brenva in the portfolio which includes the Rialto small format web press and the three models of the Trivor family topped by the Trivor 2400 HF using high fusion inks to print in offset quality on standard offset papers. This ink technology has been ported to a cut sheet press that shares transport and quality control mechanisms with the iGen range.

Baltoro will print at 1200dpi at 150 sheets a minute, using Xerox’s own W-series piezo printheads. This is the first Xerox inkjet press to offer 1200x1200dpi resolution.

“We engineers the Baltoro HF by leveraging the best of our iGen and High Fusion inkjet technologies,” says Tracey Koziol, senior vice president of Global Offerings at Xerox. “The result is a breakthrough platform that expands into the commercial print environment and supports high quality production with economics similar to offset printing.

“Designing and manufacturing the Baltoro HF from frame to the engine gives us a greater ability to continuously advance the platform at a faster clip.”

No pricing has been announced to confirm the cost of ownership, though Xerox is positioning the press as an entry level model. Details may emerge during a webinar this week.

The advantage of the High Fusion inks is that these will adhere to coated and silk coated papers as well as uncoated without application of a priming coat. It also includes what Xerox describes as “automated intelligence to optimise and maintain colour and image quality as well as self correct in real time”.

There is no information about the need or presence of additional drying systems. Colour control is maintained by artificial intelligence monitoring of colour quality and nozzle performance. A diagnostic page is printed every 250 sheets.

The Baltoro is putting the inkjet into iGen. Since the introduction of the Iridesse cut sheet press, Xerox has reported a drop in sales of the iGen range of machines. Since adding a number of options on a fifth colour through an additional print unit in 2017, there has been little change in the US developed press range.

Like all Xerox inkjet presses, this continues the trend of naming machines after mountains. Baltoro is a mountain and glacier in the Karakorum range in northern Pakistan.

By Gareth Ward

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Brenva replaced

Brenva replaced

Xerox has replaced its cut sheet Brenva inkjet press with Baltoro, a press with the same format, but runing much faster, with enhanced control systems, a 1200dpi imaging resolution and able, says Xerox, to print on any paper stock.

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