23 June 2019 Print Companies

FlyerAlarm increases support for UK growth

German giant is increasing the size of its UK team and shaping its offer to better reflect the UK market.

FlyerAlarm is increasing its UK team, taking on a former Howard Hunt manager to join country manager Divyesh Chotai in driving penetration into the UK.

At the same time the company has moved out of serviced offices in central London to offices that can accommodate 20 in Brentford, west of the capital. There has been a shuffling of products and prices to suit the UK market, says Chotai. “Prices are now competitive on standard products like flyers, business cards and brochures. At the same time we have recruited customer service people which meant that we had to move.”

Chief among the recruits is Mark Folkard, who took redundancy from Howard Hunt before the group hit the rocks. “I was part of Howard Hunt for 20 years so sad to go, but taking redundancy when there was a restructuring has proved to be the right decision." He had been account director on the sales team until leaving at the start of the year.

He met Chotai and was impressed with the FlyerAlarm set up. “I didn’t know an awful lot about e-commerce printing, but the way that he communicates brought me on board.

“I have now been out to Germany and met the people out there, seen the automation and the way that artwork is planned through with absolutely minimal human interaction. And the the quality of the product is excellent.”

Speed is a key factor for UK customers and an area where FlyerAlarm is continuing to work. Four or five days turnaround is a standard service, but overnight is possible for standard products. “Order 5,000 envelopes by 10.00am and they will be delivered the next day,” says Chotai.

But it is not all versions of the 3,000 products offered through the portal. Folkard will be building customer contacts to offer a bespoke printing service as well as online. “Its something that’s important and something that’s going to grow,” Folkard adds.

He has been with the business for three weeks. “It is still a learning curve. I am coming from a direct mail background, learning a lot about the opportunity and the customers.

“There are obstacles to overcome, to prove that we can print to a quality that is as good if not higher than they are used to. Speed of turnaround is key as well. The challenge is very exciting.”

By Gareth Ward

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FlyerAlarm in Germany

FlyerAlarm in Germany

FlyerAlarm is demonstrating its intent towards the UK by adjusting the profile and pricing of the products offered to UK customers and with the appointment of the highly experience Mark Fockard in a key customer liaison role.

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