27 May 2019 Print Companies

Ambitious Landa invests for the next phase

The German customer with Europe's first Landa S10 is completing the beta phase and is putting the digital press into full production.

Four UK based printers were among a select group attending an open house for the Landa S10 nanography press at German carton printer Edelmann last week.

The four, Essentra , GPI, Medica Packaging and Firstan Cartons were selected because of their continued interest in the technology and their close fit with what is still the first beta site outside Israel. That testing period is coming to an end with Edelmann shortly to buy the press as a commercial proposition having received and bedding in the promised upgrade to seven colour printing.

However, none of the UK visitors, who joined prospects from across the world, will be the first UK user. That honour falls to Bluetree which receives the perfecting S10P version in August. The initial plan had been to ship the machine in the early spring, but was delayed to slot in a quieter period for Bluetree.

The select open house follows a year after a more general event at first user in Israel last year. It is part of a general ramp up in marketing activity culminating at Drupa next year. The focus is less on the hype needed to build awareness but on the realities of running the press in production and the applications that can be addressed.

At the same time Landa is continuing to invest heavily in building its infrastructure with production spreading to a second building, a third factory being kitted out for production of consumables and ink and work due to begin this year on a much larger unit that will enable the company to produce more than 100 presses a year. By then, beta testing of the S10P will have finished and the W10, webfed version for flexible packaging will be underway.

Edelmann has located the press in its main plant in Heidenheim in southern Germany where it sits alongside eight Heidelberg Speedmasters. It is the first digital press in the plant, though not the first in the group. Elsewhere it runs HP Indigo 30000, Ricoh and Heidelberg Versafire digital presses.

Says CEO Oliver Bruns: "“We have significantly grown our business with this press and are now serving a couple of new customers that we couldn’t reach before.

“We have no limitations any more. Brands want shorter and shorter runs with lower minimum order quantities, with our any compromise on quality."

By Gareth Ward

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In operation at Edelmann

In operation at Edelmann

Landa is building up to build more than 100 presses a year as its first machines are preparing to move from beta to full production.

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