27 January 2019 Business

3P Direct plans new look for online print arm

The UKprinting.com website is undergoing an overhaul to provide it with a stronger front end and more comprehensive service for customers.

UKprinting.com is getting a facelift with a new website to manage online orders placed with 3P Direct and to take the Mansfield business to the £10 million turnover mark.

The print management business operates UKpackaging.com and GiftPup.com, a B2C website, as well as UKprinting.com. The revised site, developed by Xigen, will enable customers to raise an estimate and compare prices between local and far eastern suppliers before placing orders. There will be a difference in turnaround times says 3P Direct director Richard Tyler. "Customers can build their own quotes and can check prices from supply in the UK or supply from China.

The jobs are proofed online through the software and orders submitted including the payment. The engine to do this smoothly is being built by Xigen, a full service agency that has experience with the Magneto 2 platform for handling ecommerce as well as the portal design. "We are not looking at the Vistaprint market where orders are placed by local service people. Ours are £500-£5,000 orders from medium-sized businesses where some human intervention can still be necessary."

"They are buying digital, sheetfed litho, though not web offset litho from us, for point of sale, carrier bags, promotional materials, marketing collateral and so on. More and more of this is moving online. Uniquely the redesigned site will include software to allow users to position logos and text on items to be branded before reaching the check out. Others will apply a logo as part of an upsell at the check out, we do it at the front end of the process."

The new site should go live in the next couple of months after which, Tyler says, that UKpackaging.com may receive the same treatment. This supplies packaging materials, included simple printed material that is ordered online, frequently overnight. There is a crossover. "Our bigger accounts do buy both," he says.

By Gareth Ward

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Online update

Online update

3P Direct has commissioned Xigen to update and redesign its ukprinting.com website. If it proves successful, the design concept may carry over to the ukpackaging.com site, says Richard Tyler.

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