16 December 2018 Analogue Printing Technologies

Goss bows out of American manufacturing

No longer will Goss presses claim to be made in the US as the Durham factory closes and production is concentrated in Germany.

The last Goss press to be built in North America is reported to have left the Durham factory in New Hampshire which developed the gapless Sunday Press concept and has built its commercial heatset machines.

Goss merged with Manroland Web in August to form Manroland Goss Web Systems. Five months later, production has now shifted to Manroland’s Augsburg factory. Other machines, principally the Compact and Magnum newspaper presses, are being made under licence in China under the Wisprint name.

This is the name for Goss Graphic Systems China, an entirely separate company which remained part of Shanghai Electric when the giant Chinese company sold its stake in Goss to AIP. AIP pooled its stake in the web offset press manufacturer with Manroland Web in August.

The Durham factory in the US covers 45,000m2, though the company has leased part of the plant that has not been needed for press manufacture as the demand for web offset presses has slowed in recent years.

Manroland Goss has most recently acquired the print related IP of UK press controls company Harland Simon which went into administration under Opus Restructuring in October. Paragon ID had earlier acquired the RFID Discovery, its healthcare asset management business.

As well as single-width newspaper presses, the Wisprint business is able to produce a range of webfed packaging presses, book and heatset commercial webs, through these are intended for the Chinese market.

While the shift in manufacturing will mean preference for German design range of heatset web presses, there is as yet no firm decision on which of the packaging press concepts continues. Prior to the merger Goss had installed four VPak presses and Manroland Web had held an open house to show off its Varioman concept press. The market will decide which of these models will continue, though either will be built in Augsberg according to CEO Alexander Wassermann.

Gareth Ward

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The Goss Sunday press was designed and developed as well as built in the US. Now press manufacture in the US has ceased and all presses will be built in Augsburg following the creation of Manroland Goss Web Systems.

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