17 September 2018 Events

The unlimited appeal of Instagram

Have you considered the Instagram appeal of your factory? Perhaps you should.

We are living in an age where consumers are seeking out experiences, something that feeds into pop up shops, restaurants and all kinds of temporary events that crucially can be snapped and then displayed on Instagram. So pervasive has this social media channel become that people will travel for miles to add an image to their Instagram page. And it will be viewed and shared perhaps hundreds or thousands of times.

More often than not this is a beauty spot, the more inaccessible the better. It can equally be an impressive building, hotel, a restaurant’s toilets or other interior space. It is very unlikely to be the reception area of a print company, despite the quality of the print produced therein. Some have a trophy cabinet, some an antique press, some a peg board naming the visitor due that day. None will have done this with selfies and social media in mind.

Printers are missing out. As those choosing where to place print work, or thinking of joining your business, are becoming younger, printers need to change the language that is used to communicate with these influencers. It is not a matter of splattering emojis everywhere, but thinking in terms of how this generation communicates. And making it easy for them to do so.

Gareth Ward

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