09 May 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Xerox introduces six-colour digital Iridesse with metallic flair

Six months after its launch in Australia, Xerox is bringing the iridesse digital press to Europe with the capability of running both silver and gold metallic toners in a single pass.

Xerox is finally bringing the six-colour Iridesse digital press to Europe and North America, six months after the breakthrough press was introduced by Fuji-Xerox.

The press is a 120ppm electrophotographic machine that offers silver and gold metallic toners as well as standard CMYK using six colour stations. The metallic colours can be applied, along with a clear toner at the end of the process, or in the first units to be over printed by the process colours for striking iridescent effects.

The CMYK stations use a new Ultra HD fine 4.7 micron particle sized toner. That for the metallic colours is larger. A white toner is offered in the Fuji-Xerox region, but this is not yet part of the package for the rest of the world where white is part of the iGen5 platform.

The Iridesse fits between the flagship iGen series machines and the Versant, positioned as an entry level production digital press. It is restricted to 120ppm, 52-400gsm papers, and a maximum format of 330 x 488 mm, lacking any long sheet capability. Despite these limitations, interest in and demand for the Iridesse is high.

A London company IPW1 has been the European beta site for the Iridesse, offering the embellishment capabilities to brands, designers. Sales director Glen Robins calls it “a definite game-changer. This means that for high end clients, products that once needed litho, embossing and foil, can now be produced in a single pass”.

Xerox is working with ColorLogic to manage the spectrum of metallic colours that can be generated through the press.

Four colour printing is also improved over the Color 1000. The smaller toner particles result in a thinner layer on the sheet and more uniform finish between print and the base paper. Imaging is at a resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi using a 2400 x2400 dpi VCSEL laser. A 10 bit colour depth offers 1024 grey levels and demands vast consumption of data and a suitable DFE to generate this.

The DFE is the EX-P 6 Fiery from EFI, developed for Xerox’s particular requirements. Media management, and other critical set up tasks are swift and consistent. The press included automatic registration control and front to back alignment, density control, tone curve adjustment, image transfer monitoring and colour calibration in one full width array and an optional sheet curl correction through a second array.

Price has yet to be specified for the European and North American markets.

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The Xerox Iridesse has been selling well in Australia since its launch by Fuji-Xerox six months ago. The six-colour press, offering two metallic colours and a clear overprint varnish, is now available in the rest of the world.

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