08 May 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Xerox and the Now you see it, now you can't press

Fuji Xerox is selling a press in Asia and Australasia where it is going gangbusters according to a local observer, but for the rest of the work, it does not exist.

The Xerox saga last week took more twists and turns, loops and plunges than a roller coaster on a Bank Holiday Monday. Jeff Jacobson as CEO came in for much stick in court from the aggressors without being able to answer back. Then he resigned and returned as CEO by the end of the week. What is clear is that whatever the rights or wrongs in these allegations, Xerox has definitely got itself into a mess. In production print there have been too many Xerox technologies that have failed, flash fusion and solid inkjet being only the most recent. If Xerox were a film studio it would be in definite need of a blockbuster hit.

And it may have one. Xerox talked about a new Product to journalists and analysts under Non Disclosure terms in a webinar last week. The Product in question is, however, already at large, having been launched by Fuji Xerox late last year and reported as such on this website. Others have also talked about the machine on LinkedIn where Xerox itself posted a teaser video last week, talking about the iridescent metallic colours and effects that would now be possible for printers. But Xerox has clamped the lid on publicity until lunchtime tomorrow – even though Fuji-Xerox is already selling the Product, perhaps with a different front end, but nonetheless to essentially the same specification.

In the Looking Glass world that Xerox inhabits, however, the Product does not as yet exist, because it has not made that announcement. This is the 21st century where the latest gaffes by the President of the United States zip around the world and are commented on within seconds. But Xerox believes it can control the flow of information and commentary; that what happens in Bangkok in November is still not known in Europe six months later. This is just one example of the bizarre thinking that is part of the Xerox culture and has led the business into the pickle it finds itself. That said Xerox may have the blockbuster it desperately needs with the Product.

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Turing Test
Paul Stead - 5 months ago

At first glance, the output quality of the Xerox Iridesse lives up to the hype and more. It is a formidable product and I think we could be onto a winner. In regards to the politics surrounding talk about/don't talk about, that's just part of big company thinking, which, while protecting the integrity of launch, doesn't really help customers who already hear about something from the Far East. That said, it is now here and we are taking bookings for demonstrations. 07518 604611.