18 February 2018 xPrint Companies

First Move Marketing moves on Petratto

High Wycombe direct mail business was impressed by the versatility and creativity offered by the multi-function folder and gluer.

First Move Direct Marketing has installed a Petratto Metro multi function folder/gluer to create a range of single piece mailers and replace a number of manual tasks.

The High Wycombe company was the first in the world to install the Xerox Trivor continuous feed inkjet press last year, increasing its ability to create personalised direct mail for a range of customers across finance, charities and other sectors.

Managing director David Amor says: “We want to work with our clients. If we can help them do it better or be more involved it supports the relationship we have with them. That is what makes us a little bit different.

“We have around 200 customers and don’t specialise in any particular sector. We do a lot of things for a lot of different clients and our intention is to continue that. We looked at the Petratto after talking to a client about what they wanted to do and how we could help them. Now we can see how it will enable us offer additional services and work more imaginatively.”

The Petratto allows its user to set different folds, turners and inserters to create a single-piece mailers that would otherwise require a number of other units to deliver. “It is a product that is doing well for customers that have the applications for it,” says Bryan Godwyn, managing director go IFS, the UK distributor for Petratto. “It is a complementary product in many ways, replacing the need for handwork and products that can achieve a real stand out for consumers.”

This chimes with the thinking at First Move. Amor says: “I didn’t want one system that did one thing, I wanted one that would do a number of things.

“The Petratto does that and allows us to hold more creative discussions with our customers. We tend to work on shorter runs and innovative jobs which this system will help us do. It is a long term investment that we will find many ways to work with.”

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David Amor

David Amor

First Move Direct Marketing has installed a Petratto Metro folder gluer to increase the range of single piece mailers that the High Wycombe company has produce without resorting to bench work.

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