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Gareth Ward

CyanX scores with Australian mailing technology

CyanX will install a first Trimatt Cardline mailing line in the UK early next year.

CyanX has secured a first UK customer for the Australian built Trimatt Cardline system for applying a plastic card to a mailer.

The unit has been approved by many mobile phone companies for sending out SIM cards, but the UK user will be looking at other applications. CyanX managing director Richard Mawson says his customer wants to keep its identity under wraps in order to secure a first mover advantage. The Trimatt will automate a process that has previously had a large manual element.

The Cardline machines can apply glue and apply a plastic card, membership cards, loyalty cards and gift cards are other opportunities, Mawson explains, matching the data on the card with the carrier which can then be inserted into an envelope, again with verification that the package will be mailed to the correct recipient.

Inline cameras monitor production while the purpose designed ValidForm software monitors the process and provides a validation file. The modular approach means that Trimatt can offer units from simple glue and attach systems to highly sophisticated machines that can include magnetic tape encoding and inkjet heads, handling 25,000 cards an hour.

The installation is scheduled for February next year. He is careful about describing the use, pointing out that is not for phone cards. The unit will also feed other items to be attached to mailers, not only plastic cards. β€œIt will cut production times because the Cardline can combine four processes into one,” he says.

CyanX has become the distributor of the technology following an initial encounter at Drupa. β€œI first met managing director Matt Johnson at the show,” says Mawson. That led to further discussions and the agreement for CyanX to take on the product, which is manufactured in Melbourne.

Details about the modular machine were available at Ipex, providing further leads and at least one inquiry for the machine from a customer in the Middle East.

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Trimatt comes to UK

Trimatt comes to UK

Cyan-X has secured distribution for the Australian made Trimatt range of card applicators and managing director Richard Mawson says that the first UK installation will take place in the first quarter of next year.

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