13 October 2019 Print Companies

Precision Printing hits double figures with installation of Ricoh pair

Precision Printing has bought its third and fourth Ricoh presses in time for the 2019 peak period.

Precision Printing has installed a pair of Ricoh cut sheet digital presses, doubling the number of Ricoh machines on the floor at its Dagenham factory.

The two latest machines are Pro C9210 presses with long sheet capability. They join two Pro C9200s that were installed 12 months ago, all by Smart Print. They are in place ahead of the seasonal rush says chief executive Gary Peeling. “They will ensure that we have available capacity over the peak period,” he says.

The company has been growing all round with its online trade printing Where The Trade Buys operation enjoying double digit growth over the last 12 months to add to growing volumes from consumer jobs for photo products, books and other products where Precision fulfils the orders.

The first Ricohs have proved their worth alongside the company’s four SRA3 HP Indigos and two B2 Indigos. “They have proven to be very successful for us,” says Peeling. “They deliver the quality, the performance and the reliability we need.” They also provide cost-effective support to the ten press digital operation. The digital production runs alongside litho provided by two RMGT 928 LED UV SRA1 perfecting presses.

The machines are configured to take a long sheet, even though they will be printing standard SRA3 sheets almost all the time. Should the company need a longer sheet than this, it has the larger format Indigos to meet this requirement, Peeling points out.

The combination of Ricoh alongside Indigo is proving a popular one, particularly in e-commerce set ups. A number of direct to consumer print operations have added these machines to support Indigo output.

The company has recently installed a second Scodix digital embellishment press after taking on production from RCS after Australian owner CMYK Hub pulled out of the UK print market earlier this year.

By Gareth Ward

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Ricoh at Precision

Ricoh at Precision

Precision took delivery of its first Ricoh in 2018 ahead of the seasonal peak period. Now as it enters peak period this year, the company has increased the production base to four Ricoh machines.

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