09 July 2017 Print Companies

Park Communications opts for super spec ten-colour KBA Rapida 106

The Beckton printer has specified the UK's most sophisticated B1 press with a host of KBA developed technologies that are new to the UK .

The UK’s most sophisticated KBA Rapida 106 for a commercial printer is on its way from the manufacturer’s Dresden factory to Park Communications in Beckton, London.

Once there it will join a six-colour KBA Rapida 106, installed at the end of 2015, and will replace a long perfecting Heidelberg Speedmaster. The machine is expected to be in commercial operation in August.

The ten-colour press is specified to run at 18,000sph and will be the first in the UK with KBA’s AutoRun technology and the first with QualiTronic Instrument Flight, the System Brunner technology for precision of grey balance control, density and trapping. This will be used for customers demanding absolute fidelity of colour reproduction while the automation included enables the press to be effective at high production of printed 16pp sections.

The machine also includes SIS feeding system, camera registration, simultaneous plate changing and the ability to adjust for print length by independently adjusting speed of plate and blanket cylinders to achieve precise fit where stretch and heavy ink coverage can affect the tail of a sheet.

It will also be the first to include Flying JobChange, where the press can be split in two to run a job on the first five units while plates are changed on the second five print units for the next job. At the point of changeover, the first plates lift and the second set top into place as the machine slows slightly for a few seconds before returning to maximum running speed with zero makeready.

Managing director Alison Branch says: “The investment will bring further enhancements to quality standards, faster production times, faster press passing with makereadies reduced to just a few minutes, and improved environmental performance as it requires less press room chemistry and paper overs for makereadies.

“We are delighted to be able to further enhance our offering by adding this high spec press to our armoury.”

The Autorun system controls the makeready sequence from job set up information in the production schedule up to the point of the first pass sheet. It relieves operators of process tasks, leaving only plate loading and any change in the pile at the feeder.

The QualiTronic Instrument Flight uses Brunner’s hexagon targets to show where each print unit is in achieving a perfect neutral grey and what adjustments are necessary. It records the settings and quality of each job in a file which can be supplied to the customer.

“There will be further developments around Autorun,” says KBA UK sheetfed sales director Chris Scully. “This will put clear water between us and other press suppliers.

“This press will enable Park to be competitive on section work while by switching to Instrument Flight gives the highest possible quality, measuring every sheet on the press. We are confident in our belief that this press is unrivalled in terms of makeready and speed performance.”

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Rapida 106

Rapida 106

Park Communications is adding ten colour long perfecting KBA Rapida 106 to the six-colour Rapida 106 it installed at the end of 2015. The new press is the first in in the UK with Flying JobChange, Instrument Flight and AutoRun.

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