01 December 2019 Finishing

Palamides stacker adapts for shorter runs

The Palamides delta is already highly successful and now gets an upgrade as production runs become shorter – and increasingly digital.

Palamides has upgraded its delta range of stackers to improve usability and to better cope with shorter production runs.

The new stackers will also integrate more easily, with MBO folders at least, says Friedheim International’s finishing manager Stuart Bamford. “Previously there was a need for lots of converter boxes for the MBO range, that has gone, though you still have to have the converters for Heidelberg folders.” he says.

Palamides’ content manager Tim Hennig says the new stacker “offers the best of everything”, adding that it introduces “a new level of user friendliness, shorter set up times and reduced energy consumption.”

The new software enables easier integration with collators, digital presses, sewing lines and saddle stitchers as well as folders, the most popular application. The UK has perhaps 200 Palamides delta units in operation, says Bamford.

It will not be possible to upgrade from existing delta models to the delta502pro, delta703pro or delta705pro models, as changes have been made to the mechanical design, as well as to the software. The changes enable the stacker to take on flyers, brochures, mailers and signatures.

The minimum infeed is 400mm rising to a maximum height of 1050mm. The largest material will be in A3 format delivering stacked bundles of 10mm to 150mm on standard versions. A small package option enables it to deliver a 2mm stack, from an 80mm x 65mm product on the delta503pro an delta703pro and 55mm x 65mm on the delta705pro.

Palamides has introduced quick release fasteners on the jogging paddles, automatic adjustment for shaft positioning and simpler press unit set up. Using a new generation of energy efficient motors has reduced power consumption, around 20% according to the manufacturer.

By Gareth Ward

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palamides Deltapro

palamides Deltapro

Palamides has upgraded its Delta range of stackers to improve ease of use and set up time in order to help users cope with reducing run lengths and pressure on turnarounds.

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