31 August 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

Oris pairs Roland printers with colour management for proofing package

The combination of CGS software and the versatility of a Roland inkjet printer delivers a strong proposition for hard copy proofing in labels and packaging.

Oris Packaging Innovations has installed a Roland DG flatbed printer in its Bolton showroom to be able to demonstrate the accuracy of packaging proofs produced by the inkjet printer and the Oris Flex Pack software.

“We think of them as premechanical proofs,” says managing director Steve Chappell. “They meet all standards, Fogra, Gracol, and so on, can print on rigid and flexible materials and can print metallic and white at the same time. What makes this unique is the software that produce accurate orange and green spot colours.”

The technology can also print a white and metallic in the same pass, which is not possible on the Epson alternative. The clear UV ink can also be built up to create a tactile finish, again not possible with a water based ink.

“I worked for Roland DG for nine years and saw how they were used in proofing but without the accuracy that Oris provides. Nobody else has this accurate colour management system,” he says.

“Packaging is still a growth sector for print which is why this is what we decided to focus on.” This covers labels and cartons and increasingly corrugated board. Chappell says a current project is helping a customer ensure consistent output for corrugated packaging in different countries where the product is sold. “Nobody else is working on this type of corrugated packaging,” he adds.

Depending on the model of printer a proofing package will come to around £100,000, a large investment for a digital and display printer, but not for a packaging printer, brand or repro house. These are the typical customers for the combination where proofs need to be delivered across the world using the web version of the software to ensure accuracy of proofs and calibration of the printer.

CGS, which has developed the Oris colour management suite, has 460 users of the Flex Pack software across the globe. There are 18 users to date in the UK, where CGS has not achieved the profile that GMG has had in colour server technology.

The latest generation of Roland S LED UV printers affords the widest range of substrates, including those to 200mm high. At the other end of the scale, it will print on shrink wrap films where the flexibility of the EcoUV ink, giving 220% flexibility, is essential.

By Gareth Ward

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Proof with metallics

Proof with metallics

Oris is handling the Roland DG as a proofing machine for the packaging sector built around the versatility of the printer and the CGS software to produce a calibrated proof able to replicate spot colours, metallics and raised textiles.

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