29 October 2017 Print Companies

Onlineprinters adds Danish leader to growing group

The company that bought Solopress earlier this year has acquired LaserTryk, the leading online print company in Scandinavia.

Solopress owner Onlineprinters has bought Danish online print business LaserTryk. The company is the largest business of its type in the Nordic region with 300 staff and a range of equipment that includes eight-colour Speedmaster XL106, one with LE-UV and Xerox iGens.

At one time LaserTryk planned a sustained assault on the UK market, advertising its presence through newspaper inserts, but its home markets have provided easier pickings. Nevertheless there is a London sales office which promises that it is the “UK’s cheapest printing company”.

The move consolidates Onlineprinters' position as the second largest online print business in Europe with sales on course for €200 million this year. FlyerAlarm has sales of €330 million making it the largest operator. Both are ahead of Cimpress- and Cewe-owned Saxoprint.

The deal is the second acquisition of the year for Onlineprinters following the purchase of Solopress. That deal gave the company a foothold in the UK and enabled it to service a market which has become accustomed to fast turnaround service. The rationale for LaserTryk's purchase is slightly different, says Onlineprinters CEO Dr Michael Fries: “LaserTryk is the Scandinavian market leader with a well established brand, a broad customer base, intelligent IT solutions and vast production know-how.

“The experience of the founders Esben Mols Kabell and Anders Grønborg will be instrumental in developing our business in Scandinavia and helping to further strengthen the already strong market position of Onlineprinters and LaserTryk as European leaders in online printing.”

Mols Kabell adds: “Onlineprinters provides the right framework to continue the successful development of LaserTryk.”

“We have been active in Sweden, Denmark and Norway,” says Patrick Piecha, Onlineprinters’ communications director, “but it hasn’t been a main market for us whereas LaserTryk is highly visible and has a dominant position in the market.”

An injection of financial support from private equity funder Bregel Unternehmerkapital, which became the majority shareholder, and from Project A has provided the resources for these deals and any other opportunities that might emerge. However, the strategy is more focused on organic rather than acquisitive growth.

“The market is still growing,” says Piecha. “Online printing is a sector where economies of scale and company size helps in negotiating with suppliers from paper companies to Heidelberg. although we have the means to make acquisitions, it is not the main strategy which is to grow organically.”

Like Solopress, there will be no plans to change the Danish company’s identity and its founders will stay in place. Though integration will take place to ensure that opportunities are not missed.

Onlineprinters' announcement followed the acquisition of Berlin printer Laserline by Cewe. That expands the product range and gives the Saxoprint owner facilities in the German capital as well as in Dresden and the ability to deliver at short notice to the city’s customers.

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Scandinavian founders

Scandinavian founders

Laser Tryk, founders Anders Grønborg and Esben Mols Kabell above, has become Scandinavia's largest online printer and has established a strong brand from its head office in Denmark, before being bought by Onlineprinters.de.

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