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Newsprinters renews Agfa plate deal with processless plate

Newsprinters will replace its fleet of Polaris platesetters as it switches to a new plate and platesetters through refreshing 2006 deal.

Newsprinters has re-signed with Agfa for what is the largest plate contract in the UK. The contract was originally signed as Newsprinters opened its plants at Broxbourne, Knowsley and Eurocentral near Glasgow in 2006.

At that point Agfa supplied 20 Polaris platesetters to meet the needs of the four News International newspapers as well as others on contract terms. The innovative deal enabled the company to close the loop, paying for the coating as the aluminium support was reclaimed by Agfa for recycling.

Under the new deal the original platesetters are being replaced by Advantage N TR VHS platesetters, a new plate will be used and there will be software upgrades all around. the platesetters will run inline to Nela plate bending units, further reducing the need for plate handling.

The software improvements include an extension of the Arkitex workflow across the three plants using Arkitex portal for file upload and subsequent approval. The latest ink saving algorithm will work with the Sublima FM screening to cut the ink bill while lifting quality.

The OptiInk, Arkitex preflighting, Intellitune image optimisation and Arkitex production workflow will now all be cloud based applications. These will determine the image that appears on each plate, tailored to the fingerprint profiles of each of the 19 Manroland Web Systems Colorman presses.

The biggest change will be to the N95VCF plate, a chemistry free polyester plate that offers longer runs than the N94VCF plate currently used. The new plate will need treatment in the Attiro clean out unit, but no chemical processing.

Steve Whitehead, Newsprinters managing director, says: “Agfa has proved over the years to be an extremely reliable and supportive partner. I'm pleased that we have been able to use the experience, gained over the last seven years working closely with them, to develop a solution that enhances our capability, offering increased flexibility and resilience as well as incorporating the very best in imaging technology. At the same time it helps us reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.”

Today Newsprinters producing the Times, Sunday Times, the Sun, Sunday Sun, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, London's Metro, Evening Standard, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and other regional titles across the UK.

Nick Lazell, Agfa UK’s newspaper sales manager, says: “We look forward to implementing the state of the art workflow in the cloud into the Newsprinters’ printing sites, together with the latest computer to plate and processing technology with the new chemistry-free printing plates.”

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Agfa deal

Agfa deal

Steve Whitehead and Agfa's Nick Lazell on site at Newsprinters which has renewed a plate supply contract with orders for replacement platesetters across the three Newsprinters sites.

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