19 August 2018 Business

New web press business to focus on 'best of the best'

The combined Manroland Goss press company will be led by a German with the intention of dominating demand for publication and commercial web offset technology.

The new combined Manroland Web and Goss press businesses began trading officially on Friday, five months after the merger was announced by owners Possehl and American Industrial Partners.

Both remain shareholders in the combined business. Alexander Wasserman, CEO of Manroland Web Systems, is CEO of Manroland Goss, while the Goss CEO Mohit Uberoi will remain on the board and will aid the integration of the two businesses.

The deal does not include Contiweb, which remains with AIP, nor Manroland’s web production business which stays with Possehl. The new company will take a “best of the best” approach to supporting the performance of customers, but does not explain whether this means that the extensive portfolio of products will be trimmed to avoid overlaps between machines of a similar specification.

“Our customers will be able to choose from an even broader portfolio of products and services, supported by the industry leading ecommerce platform Market-X,” says Wasserman.

The business will operate from Augsburg with the American head office in Durham, New Hampshire. Both sites have manufacturing facilities. It will comprise four main areas: system solutions; engineered solutions; service solutions and e-commerce solutions.

The latter is the portal for spares and consumables begun by manroland web systems, and including all the consumables and logistics that a web press user might require. Its expansion to include the Goss products is a priority.

Service solutions covers maintenance, performance based service agreements and remote support as well as call and fix visits. Engineered solutions cover the performance enhancing elements that can be added to the press, including closed loop controls, automation and mechanical integrations. System solutions covers the presses and post press technology, used equipment and relocations.

The business will employ 1,000 across the manufacturing sites and in sales and support operations across the world. The company is aiming at a lean structure with the intention of leveraging the technological developments of recent years in order to support new product development.

Gareth Ward

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Goss Sunday

Goss Sunday

Manroland Goss will be looking at the portfolio to create the best of the best portfolio that will satisfy customers and ensure that the company retains its position as the largest supplier of web offset presses. But its future is about more than just new presses.

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