06 September 2020 Paper

Moonpig sets stall for growth in cards

The online specialist is aiming to triple the number of greetings card designs it hosts to cement its position as the largest online retailer of paper based messages.

Moonpig is on an expansion drive, boosted by the growth of online sales of greetings cards during the pandemic.

The 20-year-old business is aiming to triple the number of card designer publishers it works with in what it says is the “largest on boarding programme in the company’s history.” While online sales for greetings cards have been booming, traditional sales channels have suffered because shops have only recently been allowed to open.

Sarah-Jane Porter, head of cards at Moonpig, says: “The creative industry has been hit hard by the pandemic this year and we wanted to support young, talented people by offering them the opportunity to get their designs to market in a quick and effective way.

“This is a brilliant chance for them to get their designs in front of millions of people and build a successful brand for themselves.”

Moonpig already has a range of more than 12,000 card designs, selling more than 16 million a year, which includes photo upload cards. This category enjoyed huge growth at the start of lockdown. Moonpig has reported triple digit growth during April for photo upload cards alone.

The campaign’s initial phase runs until October. The aim, the company says, is to “bolster the already impressive card offering with non personalised and relevant (topical and trending) cards, while using this opportunity to make its range even more representative and continue to offer the best choice for its customers.”

The target is to attract smaller and independent designers to join the publishers that have been working with Moonpig for up to 20 years. A number of independent designers have joined the portfolio at the launch of the initiative. “This programme will ensure continued design innovation and unprecedented choice for customers while cementing the company’s position as the leader in online greeting cards,” it says.

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Moonpig is on a recruitment drive aiming to triple the number of card designs it can offer through its web site, with the opportunity to personalise the message. It comes as online card buying soars during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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