21 July 2019 Business

Merger combines digital creative with high impact displays

Digital agency M3 and retail displays specialist SDI are combining force to offer a frictionless experience for retailers.

Retail display and merchandising specialist SDI Displays has teamed up with full service advertising agency M3 in a move which will generate £2.5 million of new business for the two businesses.

SDI creates display units and visuals from a factory in Loughborough and employs 100 to produce and install the POS. It works on instruction either direct from client or via an agency. This move will streamline the process, removing cost and friction from the supply chain, argues SDI retail sales director Matt Evans.

What would normally happen is that the retailer or brand would use one, two or even three agencies to come up with the plan and the idea, then attempt to bring in a display specialist like ourselves to try to make it happen. As many people in the sector will tell you, this can lead to a lot of failed dreams and expensive mistakes.

“It’s a partnership that makes perfect sense; we’re pretty much fusing together the best of point of sale and retail displays with experts in advertising, marketing and digital.”

M3 has offices in Birmingham, London and Wolverhampton, currently employing 40 staff in brand development, digital marketing and web development services. Managing director is Nick Lovett. Both companies thrive on creativity; SDI deliver it through the latest techniques, finishes and the technology it builds into its displays and visual merchandise, whereas our team of specialists can provide the digital disruption.

“All retailers and brands are looking for their displays to work harder so they get the consumer engaged, drive footfall, promote special offers and deliver successful proximity marketing. Our collaboration gives them a clear way of achieving the best of both worlds.”

The collaboration has already resulted in its first contract signing up Rokit, a start up in the 3D smartphones market. SDI and M3 will handle the fit out and digital engagement strategy for the first of what will become a chain of retail outlets.

The combination of digital and physical marketing has parallels with the ITG, which has grafted digital marketing skills to its print knowledge for brands and retailers.

By Gareth Ward

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The family gets bigger with Stuart Tilley (SDI), Glen Pawson, Nick Lovett (both M3), Ian Wright, Matt Evans and Ashley Parr (all SDI) meeting up to announce the coming together of marketing agency and display creators.

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