25 May 2020 Analogue Printing Technologies

Manroland takes Evolution approach to Roland 900

Manroland has brought its large format press in line with the highly specified Roland 700 Evolution and adds brace of new B1 models.

Manroland Sheetfed is bringing out a new version of the Manroland 900 VLF press. The machine was due to be the highlight of the company’s Drupa presence flanked by new versions of the B1 Roland 700 Evolution that was introduced four years ago.

The timing is apposite. The Manroland 900 Evolution comes to market just as Heidelberg is withdrawing from making presses for this sector of the market, ending the Speedmaster XL145 and XL162.

The Manroland 900 Evolution builds on the technology from the B1 press and will be available in Size V (1,300mm) and Size VI (1,450mm) formats. “We are really strong in this sector of the market,” says Manroland Sheetfed GB managing director Peter Redmond, “and this is a natural next step in the development of the product line, using the technology that has been proven on the B1 machine and going to the larger format.”

The precise specifications will be released in the next few weeks, introducing the machine to market around the same time that Drupa had been scheduled to take place. There was no point in waiting until the rescheduled event takes place in April next year.

Likewise, the company will be introducing two additions to the Manroland 700 Evolution platform. One is a high speed model, the 700 Evolution Speed, rated at 20,000sph and aimed at longer run applications. The other is a more stripped down model for those that do not need the level of technology that comes with the 700 Evolution Elite. This will be the 700 Evolution Lite, configured as a standard machine and priced to appeal to those wanting a new press, with the fast makeready benefits of a new machine, but without some of the bells and whistles that can add to the price.

“It is a change in strategy for Manroland Sheetfed,” says Redmond, “and it means we are sitting in front of people where we would traditionally have been too expensive.”

The changed approach demonstrates the commitment of Langley Holdings to the brand, says Redmond. “It gives a very strong message to the market that the company is being run by a very professional business. Our opportunity is now to take this to the wider market, not just our own customer base.”

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Manroland has updated Roland 900

Manroland has updated Roland 900

Manroland has developed a new version of the Roland 900 VLF press, bringing it inline with the 700 Evolution, and aimed to launch it at Drupa. Even without the show, the company is pressing ahead with its introduction.

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