14 January 2018 Print Companies

Mailmate orders new Sakurai to introduce Channel Islands to benefits of LED UV

Sakurai has sold its new generation UV press since a shake up of UK sales arrangements for litho presses last year.

Mailmate Print will become the first printer in the Channel Islands to install an LED UV press when it takes delivery of a Sakurai 466 next month.

The press will replace a 14-year-old Sakurai Oliver 566 and is the first new Sakurai sold in the UK since a new company Sakurai Oliver Offset took on the agency for the Japanese press manufacturer in July last year.

“This machine is about retaining in business in the Islands,” says managing director Neil Faudemer. “We will be able to offer a competitive fast turnaround service for both Islands. We believe that this the technology is the way forwards.”

The company has been a member of the “Sakurai family” and had kept pace with developments particularly with Vario Press, whose managing director David Clarke set up Sakurai Oliver Offset to take on the agency for the litho press after Sakurai in the UK decided there were better opportunities to be found in screen printing. Sakurai Oliver Offset has provided service and support for its first few months and is now selling both new and refurbished presses.

There will also be a strong demand for retro fit LED UV technology, with Clarke saying that LED allows printers to expand their services and to save money on their current production. Vario Press press installed its first LED UV press two-and-a-half years ago and now two of its three Sakurai presses have the technology.

Faudemer continues: “We are like a smaller Vario, offering digital and large format inkjet as well. We are going from a five-colour to a four-colour press because we will no longer need a seal and I’m sure we will make considerable savings.”

The new press will cope with board to 600gsm opening the way to print carton work as well as being able to print non standard substrates. It is looking at the necessity of switching to a different plate through its Luxel V5 platesetter and will be assessing the need for investment in finishing once the press is in place.

The press, with a format between SRA2 and a full B2 will be the largest and most productive sheetfed press in Jersey. With it Faudemer hopes to make inroads into the market in Guernsey and hopes to persuade Channel Island companies that they do not need to send print to mainland printers.

The press is expected to arrive at its premises adjacent to the sea in St Brelade in February.

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LED UV to Jersey

LED UV to Jersey

Mailmate is bringing LED UV to the Channel Islands, an investment that the company hopes will return work that is currently sent to the mainland for printing. The Sakurai Oliver 566 will be installed next month.

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