03 September 2017 Print Companies

MRP specifies single MIS from Imprint

Midland Regional Printers has begin implementation of an Imprint MIS, bringing its commercial print, carton and label work on to the same platform.

Midland Regional Printers is part way through the installation of an Imprint MIS at its Nottingham plant.

The 69 strong business operates across commercial and packaging print, producing both labels and cartons as well as the associated finishing. But lacked the MIS to tie everything together. That is now coming to an end.

MRP first met Imprint at the first Print Show in 2015 seeking a system that could estimate, plan, track and invoice the range of products it prints, across both conventional and digital technologies. The plan was to link the previously separate systems for its different areas under the control of Imprint’s ability to quickly raise estimates.

However, the requirement snowballed as it quickly became clear that generating a job bag for all processes and using shop floor data collection would reduce the incidence of errors in production instructions and that data collection would improve planning. It has since added Imprint Document Generator and Production Control modules to the core Imprint Desktop application.

MRP managing director Stephen Bates says: “The three main reasons we choose Imprint were firstly, the multiple function estimating – our estimators are dealing with 100’s of estimates a week, one could be for 1,000 four-page A4 brochures, the next for 50,000 bespoke labels and the next one could be 5,000 bespoke carton bases and lids. To be able to produce quotes within the one system will save us masses of time and make the department far more efficient.

“The second reason is job traceability. The production planning board is very easy to use and with shop floor data collection the whole company can see exactly where a job is in production all from their desks. And thirdly was the flexibility of the system. We want our MIS to work the way do and not have to change the way we work to suit the MIS, and Imprint will do exactly that.”

Imprint has designed its Production Control interface to mimic a traditional T-card planning board with access for multiple users. Its carton and label work means a substantial number of repeat orders. Details of these are stored in the system with all production records, available for the rerun at the click of a button.

As with any MIS, training and implementation takes several weeks. The first modules arrived in the 15,000m2 building in July. The completion of the installation and handover is expected to take place later in the autumn, two years after the first meeting.

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First meeting

First meeting

The first meeting between MRP and Imprint was at the Print Show in 2015. Two years on installation and implementation of a new MIS should be completed, adding extra control over the MIS that it had previously.

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