22 April 2019 Print Companies

MBO folder investment as Warners' web hall adds roof

The new web press hall is the key investment this year for Warners, but has not prevented the company adding to its fleet of sheetfed folders.

Warners Midlands has installed an MBO K80 folder to add to sheet folding capacity at the Lincolnshire printer. This will give it four folders and is needed to ease capacity issues. The company has been running at full capacity over the last few weeks and has warned that it cannot take more work for April while it has a few slots for May.

In the medium term this is going to be eased by installation of a new web press. The specification for this has not been announced, but the press hall to house it later this year is rapidly being built. The steelwork for the new space is in place and roof panels are being lifted into position. A regenerative thermal oxidiser, to tackle solvents in the inks by reusing these as fuel for the drying oven, has been positioned before the roof panels were delivered, and ready to link to the press when it arrives.

This is the third RTO unit on the site in Bourne, enabling the company to meet environmental legislation and its own sustainability targets.

The new press hall will add a further 3,000m2 of production space to the company, slightly less than the 3,700m2 hall erected in 2006. The new space is split over two levels and will accommodate the new press and finishing lines.

While the specification of the new press has yet to be announced, it will come from Manroland Web Systems Goss, the company formed through the merger of the German operation and US press builder Goss.

Warners currently runs two 32pp Man Lithoman IV and two Goss M600 16pp presses as well as sheetfed presses for shorter run magazines and covers.

The K80 is MBO’s newest automated folder. The first was sold after Ipex and the first to an English printer went to Deanprint at the end of last year. It will run to 230m/min.

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K80 is delivered

K80 is delivered

Warners has installed an MBO K80 folder at its Bourne factory where extensive building work to complete a new web press hall is underway. The roof of the building is now being put in place.

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