26 July 2020 Print Companies

Leading label printer is first with AB Graphics option

High end label printer VollherbstDruck is the beta site for EcoFoil and AB Graphics combined foiling solution.

German label printer VolherbstDruck has been named as the first beta customer for the Actega EcoLeaf metallisation process applied through an AB Graphic Digicon 3 finishing line.

The system, using tiny flakes of metal that adhere in a single layer to the Actega coating, is a replacement for hot foil, without the waste associated with the process and without the need for costly dies for short production runs.

As AB Graphic explained when signing a partnership deal with Actega for EcoLeaf, the big appeal is in the sustainability, that there is no waste. Matthias Volherbst, managing director, says that the company has watched developments since first feeling the technology, then part of Landa, at Drupa 2016.

He says: “Whereas hot foil has its limitations, EcoLeaf allows us to quickly and flexibly metallise without waiting for foil blocks or embossing tools – and the quality is great. What’s more, the solution is clearly geared to allow large metallised surface areas in the future – which hot foil can’t easily handle – so in time, it presents another opportunity for us to expand our range of embellishment options.”

The company specialises in labels for the drinks industry, in particular wine and spirits, where the appeal of the label is vital to sales success. “Because of this, EcoLeaf comes at the perfect time. Clients we’ve spoken to are already excited to explore its creative potential and reap the on shelf benefits,” Volherbst adds.

The link with ABG is also important, the German label company having already worked with the Bridlington business and trusts its technology and customer service. In turn, ABG recognises the importance of VolherbstDruck. “We have known Matthias and his team for many years now,” says sales director Matt Burton. “Vollherbst is a lighthouse customer for us, representing everything that’s great about our industry and a perfect ambassador for our products. We expect this to the first of many orders to come.”

As well as the EcoLeaf innovation, VolherbstDruck has created its own augmented app, Labelinmotion, to add interaction to a label, and Craftlabel, which adds sand or other natural elements to a label to good effect for the right customer type.

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AB Graphics has named VolherbstDruck as the beta site for its implementation of the Actega EcoLeaf sustainable foiling technology as a replacement for the relatively wasteful hot foiling method.

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