13 August 2017 Print Companies

Large format investment to expand ProCo's retail offer

Sheffield printer ProCo is spending big on its large format department.

ProCo has taken delivery of Agfa’s Jeti Tauro H2500 LED, the first in the UK, as part of a £400,000 investment in its large format division.

It follows hard on the heels of investment in a RMGT9 series SRA1 LED UV litho press this year as the Sheffield company continues to expand.

The large format investment adds the Jeti hybrid machine and the Anapurna RTR3200i printer together with a Crest BSC3200 cutting system and Cronos sewing station to finish large format fabric signage and graphics.

“We are going to be able to produce a greater range of fabrics in house, rather than having to outsource production to meet customer demand,” says marketing manager Kate Handley. “And because of the width of the Anapurna we will be able to go even bigger than before.”

The new machines will replace earlier Agfa printers, the Jeti Tauro providing the additional versatility to take on new types of job. Large format manager Carl Jackson adds: “The new capabilities it will give us mean that we can offer our customers an even stronger mix of services coupled with quicker production speeds. Agfa’s engines give us the ability to meet our customers’ growing demands for more complex products.”

The demand for backlit graphics, for stretch fabrics and new materials comes from retail customers. CEO Jon Bailey explains: “At ProCo it’s all about our customers. Their requirements are becoming more complex as they look for even more innovative solutions to maximise impact and engagement with their customers.

“We’re always looking to develop ourselves and our offering to ensure we meet client demands and the investment we’re making in our large format department is helping us to do exactly that. Both to ensure we’re geared up to deliver the right solutions and to be able to progress and grow the business for our people too.”

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Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson likes the flexibility that LED UV curing brings to the hybrid inkjet press for printing a wider range of substrates than the company has previously been able to print on.

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