10 February 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

LED comes to latest Océ Arizona flatbed

The Arizona 1300 (also available as the Acuity 40) is the first to feature an L:ED UV curing system and will open the way to greater versatility and flexibility.

Canon has sold its first Arizona 1300, just days after announcing the official launch of its first dedicated LED UV flatbed large format printer.

The new model is also the first to be built at Poing in Germany rather than in Canada. The machine will make its appearance in the Canon UK showroom near Birmingham this week and will feature at the Sign UK show at the start of April.

The company is pitching the printer as a machine for mid-volume sign and display printers and offering greater versatility of materials thanks to the cold cure benefits of LED generated energy. These are companies producing up to 15,000m2 a year, perhaps commercial printers that, having dipped a toe into large format graphics, want to expand.

There are six models in the range offering a bed of 1.25x2.5 metres or the larger 2.5x3.08 metres. Speed also varies with a maximum throughput of 52.8m2/hr. Top resolution from a 7 greyscale print head is 1440dpi firing a 6 picolitre droplet. It prints CMYK with light magenta, light cyan, white and a clear varnish. textured effects can also be achieved.

The Arizona 1300 is an addition to the portfolio rather than replacement. “There is an Océ Arizona solution for every need, regardless of a customer’s production volumes and applications mix,” says Wayne Barlow, head of the graphics and communications business groups at Canon UK. “The new Océ Arizona 1300 increases their ability to do more, smarter, faster and cost effectively, with a single printer.”

The inks are certified to Greenguard standards enabling the output to be used in sensitive areas including retail, schools and hospitals, as well as printing to rigid media. Some may need a primer to help adhesion.

The printer is under the control of One Arizona Xpert, a new interface to make set up of complex jobs simpler and storing settings for recall and use on similar jobs in future.

The same machine is also being sold as the Acuity LED 40 by Fujifilm. It too is the first LED UV flatbed under the Acuity brand. This uses Fujifilm’s own Uvijet KL ink, also Greenguard Gold certified, and with its own front end controller.

Fujifilm is not new to LED UV having used diodes on roll fed models in the Acuity portfolio.

By Gareth Ward

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Arizona 1300

Arizona 1300

Canon's Océ Arizona 1300 is the first flatbed to be built in Germany and the first in the portfolio to adopt LED UV for curing, and opening up the potential to print on a wider range of heat sensitive materials.

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