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LED UV Ryobi the main pull for Print Efficiently

A new generation UV equipped B2 Ryobi is the standard bearer for this year's Print Efficiently show.

A five-colour Ryobi 750G fitted with LED UV curing will be the star of the Print Efficiently event over six days on October, though three products being launched by Horizon and other planned launches will also prove a draw. The event takes place at the Apex Digital Graphics showroom in Hemel Hemstead, 7-9 and 21-23 October.

The press is already in place and is in heavy demand for demonstrations. And while the first LED UV press sale has gone to Sakurai, Apex is close to completing deals for at least one of the Ryobis according to sales director Neil HandforthNeil Handforth. The Japanese manufacturer has installed 150 of these presses around the world with sales now underway in Europe.

To stimulate interest, Ryobi created an LED simulator and this prompted Apex to participate at Ipex where Handforth says “we got a fantastic response”. It is leads from the show that will form most of the demonstrations over the coming weeks.

The press does not look radically different to other Ryobis, except for a new styling to the delivery end of the machine which is being introduced across the range. There are no large cabinets lurking behind the press to indicate additions. A door in the swan neck provides the first evidence. This opens to access the Panasonic LEDs arranged in five lines across the width of the sheet.

A small box, just one metre tall, sits behind the press is the control box. It manages the power to the LEDs, whether running on full or part power and whether those at the edge are turned off when running a narrower sheet. The LED unit remains cool even immediately after operation because the LEDs generate no heat. However there is a Technotrans chiller system to keep the heat sinks that the LEDs are mounted in cool.

Apex has struck deals with each of the European ink companies able to supply LED ink, including Flint and Toyo-Arets. “This will give confidence to buyers because they know that a chemist will be available as with any conventional ink,” says Handforth. “This installation has been eagerly anticipated, now people want to see a press in action.”

This will be fulfilled at Print Efficiently where IFS is bringing, among others, a fully automatic version of its AF406 all buckle folder. This has been available a semi-automated folder which because of its pair of six buckle plates, is suited to pharmaceutical style work. The addition of full automation will speed makeready and make the folder more productive.

Also on the way from Japan is a top and bottom trimming unit for the SPF200 booklet makers which will deliver a more professional finish to the completed booklet. The line already includes a fore edge trimmer, automating top and bottom trimming will eliminate a further process that may have been required. The third product is a new die stamping system.

The event has also attracted the renewed participation of Renz with its wire binding technology, Vpress with web to print systems, Shuttleworth with MIS and Epson dealer Colorbyte with printers for proofing and wide format displays. CyanX, PDC, KAS and Meier will also be present.

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Ryobi 750G

Ryobi 750G

Ryobi 750G with LED UV is key appeal for Print Efficiently.

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