09 June 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

Konica Minolta pushes forward with faster label press

The Japanese developer has progressed from an entry level label press to a machine that will have broad appeal in the label sector.

Konica Minolta has announced its third label press. The new Accurio Label 230 retains the 1200dpi toner tone based imaging system though with a speed increase to 23.4m/minute making it “faster than comparable toner machines”.

The press will receive its public launch at Labelexpo in Brussels in September. By then Konica Minoltas will have thousands of hours' operating time under its belt as shipments of the new press have already begun. None has yet been shipped in the UK.

The AL230 also expands KM’s ability to handle heat sensitive materials and will now print on most coated and uncoated papers, polypropylene and PET substrates at full press speed. This is 47% faster than the current AL190 which it supplants as the flagship in the range.

It will also register a preprinted reel, allowing a company to lay down a white on film using flexo or screen printing and then to overprint on the AL230. The press will run both 250mm and 330mm reels as well as other web widths, rather than having to decide at the point of investment.

The press is built on a chassis from Danish company Grafisk Maskinfabrik and assembled in Europe as the AL190 has been. The outward appearance is therefore the same. This and the earlier version have 350 installations worldwide in label printers, commercial print and inplant organisations.

“The AccurioLabel 230’s robust and simple to operate/maintain concept makes for the perfect entry level digital label press, with productivity and print quality performance to match and exceed presses over three times the cost,” says Jon Pritchard, leader of the KM UK’s print business unit.

“This is truly the most capable CYMK digital label press in the market, when considering performance and investment. Printers looking at entering the digital label market no longer have to compromise on media width, speed or quality. While the AL230 has the price tag of an entry level press, its performance and flexibility allows it to compete with the long standing digital label presses in the market.”

It is, he says “pound for pound, the most capable digital press on the market today. It takes us to the next level and we are expecting quite a lot of interest in this press".

By Gareth Ward

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With its third label press, Konica Minolta has produced its most productive machine to date, taking the company into more mainstream applications for digital label printing with features that address the needs of converters.

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