07 February 2016 Events

Komori returns to Printology road shows

Following success with a series of customer hosted showcases for its H-UV technology last year, Komori is organising a further round of events.

Komori is repeating the Printology open houses that proved a success for the press supplier last year.

The events combine a seminar about H-UV and new generation UV technology with visits to see H-UV in action at different printers with the technology. “Five of the printers that came to the Printology events last year subsequently bought an H-UV press,” says Komori UK director of sheetfed sales Steve Turner.

This has helped expand the user base considerable with a greater variety of press configurations and user experiences, which the Printology events will exploit. It will take in a five-colour B2 machine at Hunts in Kidlington near Oxford; travels to Manor Group in Eastbourne where the company has a five-colour plus coater B1 press finally to Indigo Press in Southampton where the press is an eight-unit Lithrone S29, the first perfecting press in the UK with H-UV.

“Using H-UV on a perfecting press solves many production problems normally associated with this way of printing,” says Turner. “There is no need for ceramic jackets to protect the first side of the sheet; there is excellent consistency from front to back and because the second side is dry before it reaches the swan neck, normal sized slow down wheels can be used in the delivery. The reverse side can be a full out poster if wanted because there is no need for gutters on the sheet. This also opens the way to paper savings.

“At Manor Group, delegates will see a five-colour press printing for blue chip clients producing very high quality work and doing lots of added value coating effects. The press has had a significant impact at Hunts and is printing almost 1 million sheets a week. As they are not long run printers, that amounts to a lot of makereadies. Hunts too produces a huge variety of work with a lot of added value.”

Hunts was among the first batch of printers to invest in the technology. Since then printers across the spectrum from books at Clays and Berforts to environmentally focused print at Severn Print to retail at ImageData Group and commercial printers led by Indigo, have installed the presses, amounting to more than 100 units in the UK.

“The Printology events last year were remarkably successful,” says Turner. They provide an opportunity to view the technology in action in a way that staged showroom demonstrations fail to do. The downside is that there is limited space on the factory floor, hence Komori UK is asking those interested to book their place.

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Printology road shows

Printology road shows

Komori is staging three roadshows next month, visiting companies with B2 and B1 presses and the first company with a perfecting press using H-UV in the UK.

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