09 August 2020 Analogue Printing Technologies

Komori advances in automation with new models

The 2020 generation of B1 presses features faster operation and more rapid turnarounds.

Komori has announced Advance versions of its Lithrone G40 and GX40 sheetfed presses, with improvements from start to finish on the machine.

The company would have introduced these at Drupa, but has instead promised a series of open houses and webinars to showcase the technology it had planned to show at the exhibition. The teaser video for the new machines is the first step in that.

The Advance models will have new feeder and delivery to accommodate faster running, cleaner pick up and fear unwanted stoppages. But the information available to date does not say how quickly the press runs. Komori has shown 20,000sph on its B2 Lithone S29, however.

There is a new dampening system, which works in collaboration with colour control to be more responsive and maintain Komori’s reputation for printing a sharp dot.

The most striking feature of the new machines is the wall screen interface to download job settings and accelerate makereadies. The company says it has designed the user interface to reduce the number of operator touch points. The quality feedback loop is faster for greater consistency in colour.

While this requires data processing within the machine, job progress, feedback on press performance and more is fed to the Komori Cloud as part of the company’s Connected Automation umbrella, that it had intended as the theme for Drupa.

That automation will include setting up MBO folders and its Apressia guillotines and finishing equipment. The Apressia CTX 132 guillotine can operate in a completely hands free way, while the MBO K8 folder can come with a CoBo Stack pallet loading system which will be set up from the same job information that is fed to the press. Komori intends to use robots to close the link between an L H UV LED dryer equipped press and folder and guillotine.

Details of any open house or similar events are still being held out in view of the ongoing local and regional lockdowns. Komori has, however, already decided not to participate in the rescheduled Drupa next year.

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Lithrone today

Lithrone today

Komori is upgrading its B1 presses as the G40 Advance and GX40 Advance. They include unprecedented livels of connectivity as Komori builds its approach to smart factory thinking – including automated handling in finishing.

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