01 December 2019 Finishing

Kolbus fits the bill as Antalis has packaging wrapped

Antalis Packaging is using a Kolbus Autobox to create the bespoke sized boxes that its customers are looking for to cope with their short run online retail needs.

Antalis Packaging has commissioned a box making line from Kolbus to meet demand for shorter runs of bespoke format boxes needed for customers.

John Garner, head of business development at Antalis Packaging explains: “Increasingly, customers demanded a fast turnaround of bespoke packaging, often in short runs. We were conscious of having to order minimum quantities of board from traditional mills, resulting in high levels of wastage. Typically, a minimum order of 100sq m might produce 200 boxes when we only needed 50. We wanted to increase our flexibility and reduce the quantity of product we were having to store.”

A three month project looking at the available options led to the Autobox AB, a UK produced solution that become part of Kolbus last year. The Autobox AB will handle all styles of corrugated board, including triple-walled boards from 1,000-2,600mm across. The machine for Antalis includes a flexo print unit and Multicut unit will switch the length of boxes produced. Equally swift to adapt to new sizes is the Pro-Gluer, designed to handle short run production.

“Antalis wanted a solution which was both good for the environment and cost effective as they were experiencing a rise in demand for quick turnaround, bespoke packaging,” says Kolbus UK sales manager Arran Sethi. “This Autobox installation has facilitated the transition for Antalis from box purchaser to box producer.”

Customers buying from Antalis can now receive packaging boxes to the exact size they require rather than having to fill over sized boxes. As consumer attention focuses on what is perceived as unnecessary waste, particularly when bubble wrap is used, and as online purchasing increases, Antalis anticipates an increasing demand for bespoke sizes.

“The flexibility of the machine has exceeded all our expectations. Once our operators were fully trained, we have been producing boxes for stock and to customer ordered specifications with minimum waste and downtime. The Kolbus Autobox is proving to be every bit as reliable and versatile as we hoped,” says Garner.

Earlier this year, large format specialist McGowans in Dublin installed a similar machine to produce bespoke packaging.

By Gareth Ward

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Autobox at Antalis

Autobox at Antalis

Antalis Packaging has brought short run box production in house with installation of a Kolbus Autobox. It means it can lower minimum order quantities and save on waste while provinding customers with greater options.

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