08 March 2020 Events

Koenig & Bauer plans broad showing for Drupa

The German press manufacturer will print packaging on demand, show voice responsive systems and introduce hand held digital access to its press.

Koenig & Bauer will be present in two halls at Drupa: its traditional space in Hall 16 and a new area in Hall 16, which will feature a fast turnaround carton printshop using a Duran folder gluer, and Iberica platen in Hall 10.

The main focus will be the first showing of the VariJet 106, a carton press developed by the joint venture Koenig & Bauer Durst operation that was set up last year. It aims to combine the best of litho printing and varnishing with inkjet printing to add variable elements, with the possibility of further enhancement and die cutting inline. The joint venture is also working on a sheetfed press for post print corrugated board printing.

The litho presses, from B2 to 164 formats, get a measure of “artificial ignorance”. Koenig & Bauer uses the term to take vast data streams from sensors around the press and separate out the data that is associated with normal operation. What is left is data that indicates that a fault has occurred or that the machine is about to malfunction. Service activities are automatically initiated, thus improving the availability of the equipment.

Automatic Intelligence is deployed in the Kyana digital assistant, an Alexa for printing. It combines voice commands and virtual reality and will be part of the coding product line. This is a first step towards development for other products in the company’s portfolio, with customer feedback helping define the direction of the development.

In the meantime the LiveApps tool for a data only tablet device will be used to display all production details to a manager working away from the press. This will include the status of a job, monitoring of ink and stocks of other consumables with one-click ordering.

President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann says: “At Drupa, we will be bringing the customer experience together with our latest innovations from the print industry.” This continues the “we print your world” theme that the company has been using to emphasis the breadth of capabilities and materials it can print on.

The show is the the culmination of the product design process that started at the company’s 200th birthday celebrations 18 months ago.

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Drupa 2016

Drupa 2016

Koenig & Bauer's 'print the world' theme will be in evidence across two stands at Drupa with a complete carton production line in one hall and the litho and hybrid presses in another. This will include the first view of the VariJet 106 joint venture with Durst.

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