21 June 2020 Events

Koenig & Bauer lays down support for Drupa 21

As this year's Drupa has been postponed, the CEO of Koenig & Bauer stresses the importance of the big trade show.

Claus Bolza-Schünemann has pledged that Koenig & Bauer will be at Drupa in 2021 with a 4,400m2 stand where the Varijet 106 press will be the highlight.

The CEO of the press manufacturer (and president of Drupa) was speaking via an online link as Koenig & Bauer kicks off a series of online presentations running through what would have been the duration of Drupa, had it not been postponed because of Covid-19.

These presentations will cover the digital carton press, a new flatbed die cutting platen, the Cutpro 106, and the Rapida RDC 106 rotary die cutting machine, now including a blanking function, as the fastest platen on the market. There are new versions of the Rapida 76, Rapida 106 and Rapida 145, as well as of the Duran Omega Allpro carton gluer.

All these are going to be part of the Koenig & Bauer carton focused customer experience centre in a 3,000m2 building at its sheetfed plant in Radebuel, near Dresden. Importantly, most will also be Drupa when it opens in April next year.

The show will not be simply a time shift version of what Drupa might have been this year, says Bolza-Schünemann. “Trade fairs may become a little more digital, a little more virtual with augmented reality. But I believe that the personal contact between printers and the supplying industry is absolutely essential. We will beed physical things in the world. I am sure that Drupa 21 will be a success.”

Two large companies, Bobst and Xerox, have declared that they will not participate, potentially leaving large holes in Hall 8 and Hall 10. However, Bolza-Schünemann points out that there was a waiting list for space at Drupa 2021. That interest will help close up the gaps. “I am convinced that Drupa 2021 will be a success as it was in the past. And we are looking forwards to welcoming as many visitors as in 2016.”

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Claus Bolza-Schünemann has endorsed the postponed Drupa, saying that the large scale trade show remains a vital opportunity for networking that other IRL and online events cannot replicate. The show next year will be changed by this year's experience, but personal contact remains vital, he says.

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