18 April 2016 Events

KBA plans sweep of Drupa launches

KBA has new presses across the board, and with KBA 4.0, an approach to the coming connected and automated world of print as well.

KBA will reveal no fewer than four new presses at Drupa as well introducing its take on the Industry 4.0 trend that will be a feature across the show.

The company will introduce a new B2 press, the Rapida 75 Pro as a five-colour machine with coater. This fits between the entry level Rapida 75 and the flagship Rapida 76 B2 press. The Rapida 75 Pro runs at 16,000sph, offering some levels of automation according to the specification a buyer needs. It includes LED UV curing and can be configured in up to ten units.

LED UV also features on the Rapida 106-8+L that will be running almost non stop with one button change between jobs, and with a top speed of 20,000sph.

The largest machine on the stand, however, will be a Rapida 145-6+L, certainly the largest sheetfed press at the show this year. Thanks to a triple extension delivery, the press measures more than 30 metres from end to end. The extended delivery accommodates a double-pile delivery system. This year’s model will run at 18,000sph.

Inkjet is represented by a RotaJet 76, in a single-sided configuration for the show. It has a print width at 770mm, while the model can reach 1,380mm across for some industrial applications. It will print on coated materials at either 150m/min or 300m/min.

KBA has chosen to represent its flexo packaging presses with the new Neo XD LR, a press which prints a 1,650mm web with solvent, water based or energy cured inks.

It will also have machines on a nearby stand. A new retrofit foiling unit from Dutch company Vinfoil will be launched on a Rapida 105 in the same hall, while a Rapida 106 fitted as a rotary screen press can be seen at printer Kolbe-Coloco in Versmold. This is similar to the Rapida RDC 106 designed as a sheetfed die cutting press for labels and lightweight boards to be shown for the first time at Drupa.

However, the main thrust of developments across the board is KBA 4.0. This will link to all machines to feed information about press performance to KBA in order to improve service and performance. It is also about the flow of data around a plant so that “presses configure themselves on the basis of the supplied data, change automatically from one job to the next and relieve the operator of routine tasks”.

This involves full integration with MIS, where KBA's chosen partner is Optimus for more sophisticated plants and its own brand Complete PrintX MIS for the simpler operations. It means closed loop collection and measurement of performance.

It means also the development of a new operator interface that KBA is calling TouchTronic. Any press setting can be reached within two touches of the panel with a one-button job change to automate the wash down and start up sequence for a machine. This will ease operator stress when job changes are increasing in frequency and will cut makeready times.

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Rapida 106

Rapida 106

An eight-colour Rapida 106 will provide an impressive demonstration of quick turnaround printing during Drupa.

Equipped with LED UV dryers the double sided sheets will be fully dry after printing at 20,000sph. The stand will also feature the largest litho press at the show and an inkjet web press, the RotaJet 77.

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