23 July 2019 Events

Jetrix solves problems for Display Wizard

The company invests in LED UV to ensure consistency across pop up banners.

Southampton company Display Wizard has installed a Jetrix LXiR320 roll printer to help tackle problems encountered with media performance on existing machines.

The company had suffered when producing pop up banners, finding that these might have different drop lengths. This is not an issue for one-off banners, but as Display Wizard produces a lot of panelled pop up banners, consistency is essential.

This led to investigations into machines that the company could switch to without loss of production or quality. This led to the Jetrix LXiR320 LED UV printer. The LED UV means that no heat is generated to reach and soften the media. The 2160dpi comfortably meets quality expectations and there are none of the shifts in colour which damage the effect of a panelled display.

“We were running four latex printers which were causing no end of print quality issues. Now we can produce jobs much quicker and at a consistent quality. We don't have any media deformation, stretching or colour differences and since installing the machine, we haven't had to reprint any jobs,” says managing director Pete Simmonds.

The company has found that it is using half the amount of ink consumed previously and the maximum speed of 120m2/hr means that the printer can comfortably match the output of the printers being replaced.

By Gareth Ward