26 March 2017 Digital Printing Technologies

Jetrix LXi8 is set for big splash at Sign & Digital

The Jetrix LXi8 will take InkTec into a new sector of the market, enabling it to serve customers wanting to increase producivity.

InkTec has the major product launch for Sign & Digital in Birmingham this week. The showcase of the LXi8 3.2metre flat bed printer is a world launch, and a world’s first according to InkTec Europe head of national sales Ben Woodruff.

"It is the first high speed flatbed printer that is available for less than £200,000. As such the LXi8 will open up exciting new printing opportunities for sign and display companies, thanks to its speed and efficiency coupled with optimal printing results.

“We’re hoping to attract a huge amount of interest from potential customers looking to take advantage of our new developments and upgrade their current equipment. As well as its stunning top speed the LXi8 has a host of new features including InkTec’s latest generation LED-UV ink.”

Woodruff says number of client demonstrations are already lined up for the show and that interest is such that he is constantly fielding inquiries about availability.

Currently the machine at the show is a late beta model with general availability anticipated from the end of next month. A number of UK customers are keen to be first in line, says Woodruff.

Explaining its significance to InkTec, he says: “This is a ground breaking machine because until now this sort of speed was only available on fixed head hybrid machines, not on flatbed machines where the print head is mounted on a gantry.

“We have previously been able to supply a high speed machine, so as our customers grow and need a faster machine, they have had to move to a different brand. Not any more.”

The printer uses Konica Minolta print heads at 1080x720dpi, a new LED UV ink, 3.2 metrex2030mm media to 100mm thick, zonal vacuum system and production printing at 206m2/hr. It is intended for outdoor signage, window graphics, interior decoration and industrial print applications.

The company has a population of 70 or more Jetrix flatbed printers in the UK and, says Woodruff, will be putting the machine through its paces for at least a potential 12 customers during Sign & Digital. “Many current customers have space constraints do not have the space to run multiple machines. The Jetrix LXi8 allows them to increase production without increasing the number of machines they have.”

The importance of the new addition to the range is underlined by the presence of InkTec CEO Dr Kwang Choon Chung, visiting from Korea. He comments: “I am delighted to be attending this worldwide launch, which is a fitting way to celebrate our achievements over the last 25 years. As a manufacturer of printers, inks and media it’s so exciting to see how our ranges come together to maximise the printing possibilities and new business opportunities for our customers.

“I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to speak with colleagues and other show visitors about our work and our ideas for the future.”

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Jetrix LXi8

Jetrix LXi8

The Jetix LXi8 e from InkTec uses LED UV to cure the substrate. The advantage of LED is that no excess heat reaches the substrate, opening new materials to be printed. The new press is also the most productive Jetrix yet.

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