09 December 2017 xAnalogue Printing Technologies

Japanese inkmaker takes global step with Van Son purchase

T&K Toka has acquired the well known Van Son ink brand to expand tech of its UV inks.

Van Son, one of the great names in printing ink, has been bought by Japenese ink supplier T&K Toka.

Royal Dutch Printing Factories Van Son, to use the full name, is a family owned business making offset litho inks for 145 years. They have been widely available in the UK, most recently through Ultrachem as stockist of its Vs1 and Vs3 sheetfed inks. These are conventionally dried inks produced with versatility and consistency in mind.

However, the driver for the deal is the rapidly growing market for UV inks for commercial printers in Europe and North America. Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America is the impressively named US subsidiary. The deal provides the Japanese company with an extensive distribution network and production facilities in Europe and North America and for the first time beyond Asia.

In a statement Ryuichi Kurimoto, managing director of the sales department of T&K Toka, says: “Van Son is one of the leading ink manufacturers in Europe. The company is known for its high quality inks with excellent consistency. Especially its conventional four-colour sheetfed ink program is a welcome addition to our portfolio.

”Further will the acquisition raise our profile as a full scale ink solution provider to the printing markets in especially Europe and the USA. Additionally it will enable further improvement of our service levels and substantially re-enforces our distribution presence in many parts of the world.”

The Dutch company is equally enthusiastic about the deal with Van Son managing director Wim van Mastrigt saying: “Not only are our products complementary. a href="http://bit.ly/2kLCyum" target="_new">T&K Toka is indeed the ideal owner of our organisation. As its substantial larger structure will secure many opportunities for our worldwide distribution partners to advance on their individual markets. It is our conviction that this combination of strengths will offer many advantages and a real alternative to many printers around the globe.”

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. a href="http://bit.ly/2kLCyum" target="_new">T&K Toka has sales around ¥50 billion, two thirds of which comes from Japan. It has subsidiaries in Indonesia, Korea and most recently Thailand and a joint venture in Saudi Arabia.

Included in the product line are offset, flexo and gravure inks. The offset range includes inks compatible with Komori’s H-UV technology as well as LED UV. In 2014 it launched Kireina, a new ink that dries conventionally and is stackable, but which needs no spray powder.

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T&K Toko has become another Japanese company to acquire European production facilities after DIC (Sun Chemical) and more recently Toyo's acquisition of Arets. The Japanese ink maker has a range of inks suited to UV printing, including H-UV.

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