26 January 2020 Business

Jacobson sets out twin emphasis for EFI as CEO

Jeff Jacobson, fresh from becoming CEO of EFI, says it will concentrate both on the now and the future, balancing the two to drive the business forwards.

A year after Bill Muir was introduced as CEO to EFI customers at its Connect conference in Las Vegas, Jeff Jacobson took the stage in the same role.

With only four months under his belt, Jacobson was not expected to announce a new direction for EFI, nor how it intended to find the rapidly expanding sectors that private equity owner Siris invests in. These opportunities continue to be in textile printing and packaging while more mature markets, display print and Fiery for example, will provide the cash to grow the next generation of revenue generators.

And in his keynote address to the 800 in attendance, Jacobson took “the ‘now' and ‘future’ pendulum” as his theme. Companies should look to the future but must live in the present. “We need the ‘now’ in order to fund and migrate to the ‘future’,” he told the audience. “It’s like the co-existence of analogue and digital.”

There was a new release of Fiery, the introduction of new roll to roll wide format Vutek printers using LED curable white and clear inks and upgrades and shift in emphasis to make the productivity software easier to integrate.

The Vutek D3r and D5r are mid market printers with the emphasis on quality and versatility rather than pure speed. They are capable of near photographic quality for high end signage and décor applications. One has 3.5 metres wide, the other at 5.2 metres. LED UV inks and curing enable thinner and heat sensitive materials. As well as CMYK, white and clear are possible. Slitters and cross cutter are also included.

Software enhancements to the packaging suite include support for short run labels, faster estimating improved stock control for the mid market print suite with remote estimating in the enterprise commercial print suite. With eFlow Automator EFI can connect its workflow tools in an automated processing path while also allowing integration with larger enterprise business systems, SAP for example. This application will be rolled out through the year.

By Gareth Ward

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Fespa 2019

EFI's large format, Fiery and productivity solutions are the now that CEO Jeff Jacobson says will power the company to its future in textile and corrugated printing in his first presentation to the company's user conference, Connect.

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