05 November 2017 Events

Ipex: StitchLiner snaffled by Healeys

Healeys was on hand to secure the new Horizon StitchLiner that made its UK debut at Ipex.

Philip Doddd, managing director of Healeys Print Group, was at Ipex as it opened its doors to confirm that the Ipswich company would be installing the Horizon StitchLiner MkIII being launched at the show.

The new machine will replace a previous generation StitchLiner that the company has used for more than a decade. It will be the fourth StitchLiner to be installed in the UK following three that have been sold to Route 1 Print in Rotherham.

A key benefit for Dodd has been the ability to handle A4 landscape booklets, something that has led the company to explore other options, ultimately without success. “We have run a StitchLiner for over ten years. When Horizon first introduced this machine, being able to finish work on an integrated system was a revelation. It’s been great, and there still isn’t anything to compare with it on the market,” he says.

“The new version upgrades each process and offers improved productivity. It also gives us the option of finishing A4 landscape booklets, which is a new feature.”

The StitchLiner is already a hit and UK printers who want to add one to their production capability will have to wait until next summer for delivery. IFS is trying to accelerate deliveries to the UK, but must wait while Horizon handles worldwide demand for the unit, says IFS managing director Bryan Godwyn.

That success stems from the ease of use and fast makeready of the stitcher. Among other features, it has improved folding and sheet handling over the previous version, making it capable of running a wider spread of papers at speed and A6 products at 6,000cph.

Dodd's trip to Ipex was about more than a photo opportunity. He was also taking in other stands looking for an automated device for slitting and creasing having won a substantial contract that would justify the investment.

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Godwyn and Dodd

Godwyn and Dodd

Bryan Godwyn welcomed Healey's Phil Dodd to the IFS stand at Ipex to confirm the sale of a Horizon StitchLiner MkIII to the Ipswich company. The degree of interest in the new saddle stitcher has attracted worldwide orders and pushed out delivery dates.

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