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InkTec gears up for growth with key appointment

Korean printer manufacturer InkTec wants to build awareness for its ink and media products and has appointed industry veteran Paul Davidson to this end.

Peter Davidson has joined InkTec to head up sales of consumables and substrates for the inkjet company as senior development manager.

Davidson, whose CV includes spells with Morgana, Encad, Colourgen and as commercial director of Landor, says: “It’s a very interesting company. From a standing start it has done well with the Jetrix, which is a wonderful printer. But there is a lot more to it than this.”

The company has its European and UK head office in Witney where it has a showroom for the machines and also runs a growing network of distributors for inks and substrates. This is where Davidson will fit in. The worldwide head office is in South Korea, a country increasingly recognised for its engineering skills and for an attention to quality, says Davidson.

“I got to know UK managing director Joey Kim. InkTec is a very deliberate company that doesn’t want to rush into things,” he adds. While the company is best known for its printers, InkTec began as an ink manufacturer, producing third party and own brand inks and developing the printer to showcase the UV ink product. There are also water based solvent inks and latex inks that run on Mimaki and HP printers.

“And they are also manufacturing some very high quality medias,” he adds. “These are not new untested products, but products that have been successful for the last eight to ten years. There is now a latex media for the same display products, self adhesive, banners and backlit graphics sector.

“This is a competitive part of the market with a lot of low cost lookalike products variable quality products. My focus and knowledge is about getting in more application led medias into the market, to extend what we have rather than as a replacement.”

These will be sold under the InkTec brand as the company strives to increase awareness. Many will be on the stand at the Print Show in October. “We need to have products for the more challenging applications where our resellers can add real value, but explaining and doing something with the product rather than just wrapping it and sending it out.”

Likewise there is opportunity, Davidson believes, in providing good support to the inks that it sells as well as marketing the quality. It’s not necessarily a cheap product if you can’t support it.”

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InkTec inks range

InkTec inks range

Inktec has recruited Peter Davidson to promote sales of its inks and increase the range of media handled. This will build on the platform sales of its Jetrix large format printers have built up.

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