13 May 2019 Events

IST-Metz UV Days

The biannual event that is focused on applications for all kinds of UV technology returns for the ninth time.

13-16 May, Nürtingen, Germany

The leading provider of UV technology is opening its doors in Nurtingen near Stuttgart for the ninth time to demonstrate the latest developments in UV curing for packaging, for labels and for commercial print. The biannual event is supported by a host of sponsoring exhibitors from ink, coating and press companies to give a complete picture of the state of UV and the possibilities that it can open, whether from conventional UV lamps or LED arrays.

IST plans live demonstrations and will deliver three high impact print jobs to show what is possible with UV technology, including examples of low migration UV printing.

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UV Days 2017

UV Days 2017

The ninth UV Days takes place in May. Once agin live jobs will demonstrate what UV curing is capable of on different types of print, using traditional or LED UV printing.

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