08 May 2011 Print Companies

Howard Hunt to pioneer Kodak's Prosper as first UK beta site

The Dartford direct mail printer is running trials on Kodak's flagship inkjet colour press

Howard Hunt has become the first UK user of Kodak’s Prosper 5000XL inkjet press, in the beta test phase of the roll out of Kodak’s most important printing press to date.

The Kent direct mail printer joins MPG Books as a Prosper customer with a third UK user still to be officially announced. Meanwhile The Lettershop Group has been using the Stream heads, that form the heart of Prosper, in an offline configuration to add variable colour and text to preprinted reels.

Howard Hunt has previously used Xeikon 8000s for variable data printing or offline inkjet to overprint reels printed on its Mitsubishi web offset presses.

At present the press is being used to assess the costs of use and different substrates that might be used. Ultimately the press will be suitable for long run jobs with a high level of variable data., possibly eliminating the need to print and overprint.

The print company has invested £20 million over the last five years. It will decide whether to complete the purchase of the Prosper once testing has been completed in the next few months.

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The Prosper has been installed at the Dartford plant and is running under trial conditions.

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