03 June 2018 Print Companies

Horizon bookletmaker opens doors for Carly Press

Somerset printer continues investment drive as growth through extra services continue to attract new business.

Carly Press has revamped its finishing department to cope with growing demand, reduce costs and increase the services the company can offer.

The Wellington, Somerset, family owned business has taken delivery of a Horizon bookletmaker and creaser folder. These replace ten-year-old machines that increasingly needed frequent servicing, especially when put under pressure. “We have been very, very good about cleaning and maintenance, which is why they served us for as long as they did, but our servicing bill had been increasing. It was time to invest,” says managing director Mark Gladstone-Smith.

The company found that on at least one week a month it would be under excessive pressure due to the monthly magazines it had taken on. “We also had to hand insert anything over 40 pages. We were working flat out and didn’t have much spare capacity. We reviewed the situation for a couple of months and decided we needed a replacement,” he says.

The SPF/FC-200L bookletmaker, supplied by IFS, is also able to offer an A4 landscape product, feeding sheets to 640mm long at up to 42,000 an hour. This follows investment in a Ricoh Pro C9100 with long sheet capability last year. It become the only printer in the area able to produce A4 landscape stitched products in house. “We will be the only ones able to do this for digital printing in a 30-40 mile radius,” he says.

It had been sending these jobs out, losing full control and margin, especially on short run jobs turned in 24 to 48 hours he says. It has also been suffering as the capacity of its four Ricohspushed work to the finishing department, putting this under strain. Its previous creaser folder was unable to cope with the jobs above 250gsm. “We would have to hand fold these after creasing,” he says. This is now within the scope of the creaser folder.

“The Horizon machines are very well engineered to cope with litho work and pour step up in volume. As far as we are concerned, it was the right product at the best price. We will now have spare capacity.”

This may not last long. The company has grown from £350,000 turnover to £1.2 million in four years and there will be no letting up, says Gladstone-Smith. Investment in large format printing has paid off handsomely and the company is looking at the new generation of Ricoh production printers and is prepared to take on acquisitions.

Gareth Ward

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Horizon bookletmaker

Horizon bookletmaker

The latest investment for Carly Press is a Horizon booklet maker capable of delivering A4 landscape stitched products, something that it will be the only printer capable of delivering in its part of Somerset.

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