19 December 2011 Events

Heidelberg trims Drupa costs but not the impact

Heidelberg will be keeping up the impact at next year's show, even if economic considerations will reduce the razzamatazz element to the event.

WALLS HUNG WITH B1 PRINTING plates, coloured and stamped to create messaging and signage, overlaid with an Amy Winehouse soundtrack will greet visitors for Hall 1 and Heidelberg’s stand at Drupa.

The company has cut costs to reflect the cash-strapped times, and will not bring a VLF press to the show. Any customer wanting to see the XL145 or XL162, launched at the last Drupa, will be taken to the factory. However there will be new presses, new finishing equipment and a gallery to provide a glimpse into the company’s thinking for the next decade.

HOWEVER, THE PLAN IS TO UNDERLINE the impact that Heidelberg can have beyond the machinery itself. To this end Heidelberg CEO Bernhard Schreier has picked out several trends that the company will highlight during the event. These are: lean production; green printing; web-to-print; print on demand, short run and hybrid production; differentiation through coatings and effects; the future of packaging print; and how to gain an edge through technology.

The Hall will be split between packaging and commercial applications with a services centre placed between them. This is where the message and tools to meet the trends will be placed, including Prinect with its integration to Pageflex W2P and Cern MIS.

THERE IS A NEW RANGE OF SAPHIRA consumables developed to meet any eco label requirement in use across the world, with the ability to use an Eco-Saphira logo where these products are used to print a job. Heidelberg believes this will be an advantage as print buyers use ecological criteria to judge between printers.

The tie up with Ricoh will have been rolled out across Heidelberg’s worldwide operations by Drupa and colour management will be applied across both digital and offset presses. As for the possibility of extending the distribution deal with Efi for large format inkjet products in North America, the message is a watch this space.

IN THE SAME CATEGORY COMES the idea of a press based on the same technology as the XL75, but produced at a lower specification. This has worked in the B1 market where the CX102 was launched at Ipex using XL105 technologies, but with a lower top speed and less automation, has been a notable success. Asked about a B2 CX, the only reply was wait until February.

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Printing plates will be coloured and stamped to create the visual impact

Printing plates will be coloured and stamped to create the visual impact

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