01 May 2017 Analogue Printing Technologies

Heidelberg strengthens offering for carton production

Heidelberg is helping converters achieve zero defect production with inline inspection systems and enhancing its finishing portfolio.

Heidelberg is underlining its growing commitment to carton printing with enhancements to its presses and three new finishing machines which its says complete the portfolio started when it entered a partnership with Chinese manufacturer Masterwork two years ago.

This has now spawned the Promatrix 106 FC a die cutter and hotfoiling and embossing machine that builds on Masterwork's experience in the demanding Chinese tobacco sector; the Promatrix 106 CSB, a die cutter with inline blanking unit and the new Diana 115 carton folder-gluer which sits just above the entry level Diana 85 carton-gluer. Like this machine, the new Diana is being built in Nove Mesto in Slovakia.

These, however, come after printing which is enhanced with the addition of Inspection Control 2, a unit which spots any defects on a printed sheet compared to the PDF or to a signed off pass sheet. Any faulty sheets are ejected, which results, says Heidelberg, in “zero defect production”. It will show off this capability at Interpack which starts in Dusseldorf this week and at a packaging open house in Wiesloch next week.

This type of system, where high speed cameras are position above the press to check every sheet against the PDF of a job, monitoring for hickeys, slurring, misprinted characters and so on, has become standard for many carton printers. Inspection systems have been taught to look only for marks that affect quality in print areas and to ignore faults in areas that will be lost during the die cutting stage or in the folder gluer.

Heidelberg's implementation as Inspection Control 2 has been in field testing where users report shorter makeready times and fewer quality issues. It will fit on the coating unit for Speedmaster presses from the XL75, CX102, XL106, XL145 and XL162.

The new finishing machines will also be on show at the Wiesloch factory on 10 May. This will be the largest gathering of Heidelberg machines for packaging since Drupa 2016 and a greater range than will be at Interpack.

The company has registered its greatest annual sales in carton finishing in the last 12 months, justifying the partnership with Masterwork and underscoring how important packaging is becoming to the press manufacturer.

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Inspection Control 2

Inspection Control 2

Inspection Control 2 is Heidelberg's implementation of a high speed camera system to compare printed sheets against the original PDF, rejecting those that show flaws or elements that have been printed incorrectly.

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