10 May 2020 Business

Heidelberg restructures Subscription offer

Subscriptions may become more popular in a post pandemic world as Heidelberg responds to feedback from those using and offered the pay to use models.

Heidelberg is both extending and simplifying the options under its subscription service. All is on schedule, says the company, as the full global roll out begins.

The modified approach builds on feedback from the first round of subscription contracts under which printers pay for the number of sheets printed using Heidelberg press, its portfolio of consumables and consultancy intended to increase the productivity of the user. This has called on the mountain of data that is accumulated by constant communication and feedback from Heidelberg’s presses.

The changed models includes four contract types Lifecycle Smart and Lifecycle Plus and Subscription Smart and Subscription Plus. The Lifecycle packages start with the Smart module which covers services and consumables only. Lifecycle Plus includes a Prinect subscription. The Subscription Smart package adds consultancy and training with Subscription Plus as the full version including equipment in the monthly payment.

Heidelberg can point to customers signing up to these deals from around the world, though none have yet been announced in the UK. “The company has had some learnings in terms of the modules that are offered and what’s easier for customers,” says UK managing director Ryan Miles. “What we can see from across the business that demand is highest for the Subscription Smart version. Printers can transfer to that module with existing or recently purchased machinery. It’s pay as you use whether there’s capital equipment involved or not.”

By mining the data and comparing to other users, “it helps them come to properly founded decisions around their business,” says Miles. “This is the USP that printers are seeking at this stage.”

This is underlined by the take up of Heidelberg Assistant which enables a manager on the move to keep track of production via a hand held device. Six months after announcing the first user, Heidelberg UK now has 40 customers, 30 signing up since the start of the year. “It shows the demand is there for Subscription,” he adds, “and that the modules are relevant.”

The Assistant opens the way to online management and ordering of consumables via Heidelberg’s eShop. The net effect from the automated ordering of consumables and implementation of what ought to be best practice and use of tested and balanced consumables is that it “leaves customers to focus more on their market, and on developing service and product innovations,” says Garo Derderian, head of Lifecycle Business at Heidelberg.

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Subscription changes

Subscription changes

Heidelberg has adjusted its subscription model based on feedback received and the experience from the first round of customers. The new approach should be simpler to understand while also extending well beyond the supply of new equipment.

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